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Implementing 8o/20

80/20 is a methodology to segment a business by its high and low runner products and its large and small customers, and reflect that true cost in pricing, channel, product and 
customer strategy.

Data on a Touch Pad

Pricing Strategy

Implementing an effective approach for continuous pricing of products in an organization with thousands of manufactured and sourced components, often bundled with other products or services, and in a multi-channel environment can be an overwhelming challenge.

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Supply Chain Alignment

As global competition intensifies, heads of operations are focusing on balancing production costs, inventory and customer satisfaction.

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Footprint Optimization

Determining optimal locations for a company's facilities is a critical process with tremendous impact on both cost structure and ability to serve customers.

Analysing the Numbers

Loss Analysis

Loss analysis can be one of the most effective and actionable means for an organization to increase revenue.  By truly understanding the root causes of lost sales, a company can prioritize efforts by focusing on the right issues, thereby increasing its win rate.

Discussing the Numbers

Cost Reduction

Putting a stake in the ground is critical to successful implementation.

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Business Turnaround

Private equity firms need a phased approach to managing financially distressed companies beginning with an immediate plan to manage cash loss.

In Negotiation

New Product Launch

Shareholder value is determined by the size and timing of cash flows - effective product adoption strategy impacts both levers of creation.

Two Men in Office

Mergers & Acquisitions

Adhering to a set of eight principles does not guarantee success, but, if followed, the odds of success improve dramatically.

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